This series consists of drawings and paintings started when I was left on an island on Lake of the Woods, Ontario, Canada the summer of 2010. I started working by taking rubbings of the giant granite rocks, and drawing from the natural elements on site, namely a black lichen which I believe to be Staurothele clopima. Then I partially submerge the paper or canvas into the lake creating a more direct interaction with nature. The drawings were left in their initial state, with only the addition of the black lichen reference, and the paintings were left nearly unchanged under the resin areas, preserving that moment completely.

Also in this series are works I started in the Caribbean Sea in Negril, Jamaica in May of 2008. I worked first by taking rubbings of the sand, incorporating the surrounding colors and drawing from the natural elements on site. Then I partially submerged the linen in the sea to begin the dialogue. The charcoal and wax drawings were started in the studio in 2010-2011 referenced from memory from my visit to the open sea.