Abstraction holds deep meaning. It becomes the language of energy, imagination, and the unseen. This 45-card, Elemental Earth Oracle Deck was made following a soul way of seeing, of using color, intuition, marks, and the vibration of nature’s voice added to each piece of sacred art. Used as metaphors, the Earth’s natural processes, phenomena, and events of beauty like wind, rain, and moon halos can be used to guide us. They can give a deeper understanding of our own growth and cycles, and help us align with our soul’s purpose and connection. The powerful imagery and the meanings of these cards are made to guide you in your readings for activation, inspiration, healing, and creative wisdom.

If you are interested in purchasing a deck please send an email to thepaintedmessage@gmail.com with your US shipping address for your shipping quote. Decks are $44. plus shipping. MN sales tax will be added if you are MN resident. Payments are being made through Venmo.

There are 100 first edition decks printed that each have a uniquely hand painted box and also come with a small piece of Auralite 23 that Emily has hand dug in Thunder Bay, ON, Canada. Decks are selling out quickly.